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JubJub 1.0.2 February 16 2012 License: GPL v3
JubJub is a daemon for server side logging of XMPP packages, named after the character assurance famous poem by L. Carroll. Jubjub based on the archit...
Tags:JubJub,JubJub 1.0.2,JubJub Free Download,JubJub Reviews,Download JubJub

Djigzo 1.2.3-1 February 16 2012 License: AGPL
Djigzo gateway email encryption is a mail server (MTA) that encrypts and decrypts your incoming and outgoing emails. As he works as an SMTP server gen...
Tags:Djigzo,Djigzo 1.2.3-1,Djigzo Free Download,Djigzo Reviews,Download Djigzo

Newsbin Remote Control prealpha January 6 2012 License: Public Domain
Program for controlling Newsbin Pro remotely. Written in C# Allows the user to instruct Newsbin, running on any Internet accessible machine, to sear...
Tags:Usenet News,Open Source,Open Source Software,Development,Community,Source Code,Secure,Downloads,Free Software

Yoono Desktop for Linux 1.8.14 October 10 2011 License: Free
Yoono is a powerful but easy to use social app that helps you simplify your online social life by connecting you to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linked...
Tags:social Networking,desktop,social App,Facebook,connect,chat,video,share,image,photo

XMail 1.26 October 6 2011 License: GPL
XMail is an Internet mail server and intranet with an SMTP server, POP3 server, finger server, multiple domains, no need for users to have a real syst...
Tags:XMail,XMail 1.26,XMail Free Download,XMail Reviews,Download XMail 1.5 October 6 2011 License: BSD License is a Perl script that extracts URLs from correctly-encoded MIME messages e-mail. This can be used either as a pre-parser for urlview, o..., 1.5, Free Download, Reviews,Download

LAZR smtptest 1.2 October 6 2011 License: LGPL
LAZR smtptest is a framework for testing SMTP applications and libraries. It provides a real live SMTP server you can send messages and from which you...
Tags:LAZR Smtptest,LAZR Smtptest 1.2,LAZR Smtptest Free Download,LAZR Smtptest Reviews,Download LAZR Smtptest

NOCC 1.8.1 October 6 2011 License: GPL
NOCC is a webmail client written in PHP. It provides webmail access to IMAP and POP3 accounts. Here are some key features of "NOCC" · connection to t...
Tags:NOCC,NOCC 1.8.1,NOCC Free Download,NOCC Reviews,Download NOCC

Manitou-Mail 0.9.12 October 6 2011 License: GPL
Manitou-Mail is a database-driven open source mail user agent and associated utilities. Manitou-Mail project provides a framework and programs for sto...
Tags:Manitou-Mail,Manitou-Mail 0.9.12,Manitou-Mail Free Download,Manitou-Mail Reviews,Download Manitou-Mail

Tellmatic October 6 2011 License: GPL
Tellmatic project is a tool to manage and create newsletters for personalized mailing or mass mailing. Addresses and newsletters are stored in groups ...
Tags:Tellmatic,Tellmatic,Tellmatic Free Download,Tellmatic Reviews,Download Tellmatic

Topal 69 October 6 2011 License: GPL v3
Topal is an application that links GnuPG and Pine/Alpine. It offers facilities to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify emails. Installation and configura...
Tags:Topal,Topal 69,Topal Free Download,Topal Reviews,Download Topal

SurgeMail 4.0 / 4.1a Beta October 6 2011 License: GPL
SurgeMail is the fastest, most robust and secure, all the functionality of messaging server on the market today support all protocols and standards. S...
Tags:SurgeMail,SurgeMail 4.0 / 4.1a Beta,SurgeMail Free Download,SurgeMail Reviews,Download SurgeMail

Sympa 5.4.6 / 6.0 Beta 2 October 6 2011 License: GPL
Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable software mailing list. Fun can cope with big lists (780,000 subscribers), and it comes with a complete Web...
Tags:Sympa,Sympa 5.4.6 / 6.0 Beta 2,Sympa Free Download,Sympa Reviews,Download Sympa

Hastymail 1.0.2 / 2.0 RC7 October 6 2011 License: GPL
Hastymail is yet another webmail IMAP client written in PHP. Hastymail is designed for speed, simplicity, RFC compatibility and security.Our goal is t...
Tags:Hastymail,Hastymail 1.0.2 / 2.0 RC7,Hastymail Free Download,Hastymail Reviews,Download Hastymail

MIME Email message class 2009.07.27 October 6 2011 License: BSD License
MIME Email message class may be used to compose and send e-mails. Here are some key features of "MIME message class e-mail" headers · user definable ...
Tags:MIME Email Message Class,MIME Email Message Class 2009.07.27,MIME Email Message Class Free Download,MIME Email Message Class Reviews,Download MIME Email Message Class

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